Outdoor Oasis and Urban Gardening

With Britain boiling away in another welcome heatwave, it’s time to rethink your outdoor space. Whether it be a large green garden or urban nook, its time to transform what was generally your laundry drying area into an extension of your living area. Many homeowners shy away from their outside patios and gardens, as the upkeep and process of a makeover can be daunting, costly, and time consuming. Here’s a few simple tips to get your outdoor spiced up for the summer.

Add Textiles

Textiles, such as, rugs, pillows and tiles give outdoor spaces depth and vibrancy. Throw a bit of sheepskin over a simple wooden chair to add comfort and decadence to weather worn materials. You can add further contrast in texture to this by putting a rug over worn decking, automatically renewing your area!

Layer Colour

Layering colour brings a fresh, summer vibe to your outdoor space and makes a small space appear even bigger. You can do this by mixing different colour umbrellas, lanterns, flower baskets, and statement chairs to your garden. These pops of colour will draw in the eye and create further depth when layered.

Create multiple areas

Why have this beautiful space if not to entertain? Separating your outdoor area from the inside creates a more social atmosphere, giving your guests breathing room between drinking, eating and relaxing areas. These can be further separated by adding items, be it a small table which can be made into a bar, a large dining table with benches and a cushioned sofa for relaxing.

Incorporate foliage

Those pesky plants no longer have to be the dreaded Sunday chore! Embrace the greenery to give your outdoor space a more exotic feel amongst the traditionally indoor furniture. This will liven your area and make you forget that you’re still in England! Try some low maintenance Buddleja this summer to begin creating your own outdoor oasis.