Strip down for Summer!

Summer’s here and we are far too busy enjoying the weather and jetting off on holidays to spend our weekends indoors decorating! Lucky for us, the industrial look is in. Metallic touches and deep wood furnishings are taking over and giving a stylish luxe to your home.  

This season indulge in a palette of walnut, gold, brass, nickel, marble and retro, minimalistic furnishings. Of course, wood furnishing has been on trend since, well…forever, but expect to see ranges of dark oak, mahogany and walnut pieces populating all the trendiest homes, complimented by industrial metals to create a more organic feel. Don’t get overwhelmed by the minimalistic style, you can achieve this look win 5 simple ways.

Mix it up

Be bold and unique

Custom made items are best


Industrial chic

Spread accents throughout the room

Separate the elements

So, strip back the wall paper, expose bricks, and sand down your high shine metals and woods. If you’re too scared to invest in this trend, introduce it to your space simply with handles on dark wooden cupboards, chic lamps and accessories! To begin reviving your space this summer, head over to the Industrial Range for all the latest on furnishings and accessories.