Don’t live larger, live smarter!

Whether you’re living in a flat or even buying a three-bedroom house, Britons are realising that their living areas are shrinking, even in new builds. The Royal Institute of British Architects found that 58% of new home buyers said there was not enough space for the furniture they owned and nearly 70% said there was not enough storage for their possessions.

Many interior designers have begun to prepare for this increasingly common issue with the rising trend of downsizing becoming more apparent as the price of London property continuing to increase steadily. Designers are now advising residents not to think harder, but smarter, creating multi-dimensional living spaces with cunningly engineered items.

While adding further furniture may seem like the wrong approach to creating a lofty space out of a small cramped area, conversely, adding a piece of multipurpose furniture can declutter and even double the feel of your home. Take, for example, a breakfast table that doubles up as a filing system or storage space for toys and everyday accessories. Further challenging our standard decorating ideals, furniture such as desks, TV stands, and storage compartments are just a few pieces that can easily be reimagined to open up your room. Additionally, having alternative sizes of each piece of furniture can allow you to layer and hide away an item isn’t in use. If buying new furniture isn’t quite in your budget just yet, use colour to your advantage. Step out of your comfort zone and paint your ceiling a contrasting colour to your walls, making ceilings feel higher and mirrors to create an additional illusion.

While living spaces may be getting smaller, people are living larger! Incorporating multi-use furniture and accessories can help create a clutter-free environment for our mind and bodies. If you’re struggling to squeeze your life into a tiny home, head over to our Collection Ranges to see our favourite pieces to dress up your space.